Long-Range Planning

Eliminate Surprises, with Long-Term Maintenance Expense Planning

How long will your current roof last? How many more years will your furnace operate safely and efficiently? How much should you anticipate for replacements?

With HOMEfree®, you won’t have to wonder.

Our long-term planning services allow you to project service life and replacement expenses of major structural and mechanical systems over a 10-, 20- or 30-year period.

Forecast and Prioritize Your Expenses

Ever had years where it seems like you needed to replace everything in your home at once? Long-range planning helps you prioritize, budget for and address your home’s future needs, so you can spread them out and reduce sudden unanticipated expenditures.

Minimize Spend, Maximize Value

Another benefit of our long-range planning is that you won’t be pressured into making sudden decisions on large investments. Instead, you’ll have time to weigh your options and realize the best savings and value.

Plan for Your Goals and Dreams

What home updates are you dreaming about? Retrofitting the latest smart home technologies? A custom outdoor kitchen for relaxing and entertaining? Let us help you work your dreams into your budget-planning process.