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A Word About Budgeting and Billing

Because the HOMEfree® “concierge” concept is new to most homeowners, we are often asked about compensation.

HOMEfree® assesses a one-time fee to cover a Year One Project and Maintenance Plan and a Long-Range Maintenance Plan.

After this, HOMEfree® services are billed at an hourly rate, similar to many other professional services.

Outside materials and work performed by service providers (tradespeople) are charged to you through HOMEfree®. You receive one easy-to-understand invoice that summarizes all services and purchases.

Helping You Plan for Your Home’s Long-Term Worth

Fiscal professionals estimate that a home’s annual maintenance budget should fall between 1% – 3% of its value to maintain current worth—more if major home renovations or repairs are required.

Our yearly and long-term budgeting process will help you estimate and prioritize the appropriate maintenance investment for your home.

Clear, Surprise-Free Billing and Budget Reports

Instead of dealing with multiple bills from a myriad of companies, you’ll receive a single, organized HOMEfree®
invoice. It includes:

  1. Professional Hourly HOMEfree® Service Rates
    HOMEfree® time is billed at a flat rate, similar to many other professional services.
  2. Summarized Outside Materials, Supplier Costs and Expenses
    Outside materials and work performed by tradespeople (such as plumbers, repairmen, painters or landscapers) are overviewed in an easy-to-understand invoice.
  3. Managed Changes and Variances
    HOMEfree® Specialists make sure you are immediately updated on additional scope or material changes that vary from plan. Any items outside authorized parameters are approved prior to proceeding.
  4. Ongoing Budget Reports
    All costs are managed to budget per your approved maintenance plan and updated throughout the year.

Complete Home Documentation and Recordkeeping

HOMEfree® organizes and maintains your records including documentation of scheduled work, invoices, warranties, manuals, maintenance schedules and receipts.