What does HOMEfree® offer that other providers do not?

HOMEfree® is a professional maintenance firm specializing in managing private residences and vacation homes. HOMEfree® provides supervision of home repair and maintenance through licensed, insured and certified professionals.

Unlike contractors or handymen-for-hire, HOMEfree® is a one-stop, proactive, problem-solving provider. We become your home maintenance manager, responsible for translating your ideas and goals for your home into action.

Services include all aspects of your home’s changing needs, from seasonal chores to replacement of roofs, furnaces and water heaters, to remodeling and restoration projects.

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What is unique about preventative home maintenance?

HOMEfree® uses a patent-pending process that identifies needed maintenance work and repairs up front, reducing the potential for surprises and potential emergency situations. We find and attack warning symptoms before they become problems. And we help you anticipate any significant cost outlays so you can make informed decisions in your timeframe, not based on Murphy’s Law.

What if I have a maintenance emergency?

Using the HOMEfree® process will reduce the potential for many unexpected emergencies, but extreme weather and accidents do occur! That’s why HOMEfree® is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long, to respond immediately to your needs.

What if I have multiple residences?

The HOMEfree® service network is able to handle multiple properties, wherever they are located, at an affordable expense. This time-saving option is especially valuable to homeowners who maintain vacation homes or investment properties.

How does HOMEfree® select the professionals who work on my home?

HOMEfree® provides home maintenance and repair services at an affordable price through company employees and a network of licensed, insured and certified professionals.

HOMEfree® service professionals are selected for your specific needs based on their knowledge and expertise, service responsiveness and industry reputation.

All services are 100% guaranteed.

What is the cost of HOMEfree® services?

HOMEfree® charges an initial fee for conducting a home inspection and developing a maintenance plan and budget. After that, approved projects are managed by HOMEfree® at an hourly rate in addition to trade and material expenses.

This investment has an immediate payback: HOMEfree® protects your investment from depreciating as a result of neglect and untimely maintenance.

How much do I need to be involved?

With HOMEfree®, you can count on minimal time involvement. HOMEfree® schedules all activities at your convenience and our HOMEfree® Specialists are personally present to schedule, supervise and inspect the work.

You don’t even need to be at home!

However, you do need to authorize final estimates and approve all work prior to execution. In addition, you are involved in selecting and approving all materials that affect the appearance and decor of your home.

What is contained in a Maintenance Plan?

The HOMEfree® Total Home Maintenance Plan identifies and manages what home care items need to be done, why, when, by whom and at what cost! HOMEfree® reduces the potential for surprises, manages emergencies, handles maintenance issues and helps you project long-term replacement costs of expensive items such as furnace systems, roofs, foundations or other high-ticket items.

Who can I talk to about a HOMEfree® business opportunity?

A limited number of licensee opportunities are available in selected expansion markets through HOMEfree® USA LLC, including a specific program for returning military veterans.

Learn more about business opportunities at our licensee page, or call Steve Shepard, owner and CEO, at (877)388-8330.

Does HOMEfree® manage commercial properties and rentals?

No, HOMEfree® strictly focuses on private residences.