Ethics & Values

Customers trust us with their most valuable asset—their home!

How we make decisions. The caliber of service providers we recommend. How we treat your children, your pets, even your new carpet. It’s all part of our core ethics and values. Values matter: every day, customers trust us with their most valuable and personal asset… their home. We live up to that trust, building respect and confidence in every interaction.

Our 10 Core Values: The Things We Live By

  1. Integrity

    We act with transparency and honesty.

  2. Reliability

    You can count on us to do what we say when we say we will do it. We are considerate of your time.

  3. Accountability

    We are accountable for—and guarantee—customer satisfaction with our value, and all services performed and overseen by our company.

  4. Simplicity

    We work to make your life easier. Our processes, our communications, our services, are all designed to be simple, open and transparent.

  5. Relationships

    We place high importance on our relationships and want every encounter to be a positive experience. We maintain strong relationships with our service partners, and work to deliver value through commitments to professionalism, mutual respect, fairness and trust.

  6. Excellence

    We work to the highest standards and deliver excellence through selected service providers, their processes, materials and services.

  7. Knowledge

    We deliver the information, options and resources that allow our customers to make informed decisions about their homes. We keep current with skills, advances and technologies; and work with service providers who do the same.

  8. Confidentiality/Security

    We are careful about protecting your valuable property, information, home and personal assets. Your personal affairs or information will also never be discussed or shared by HOMEfree® or our service providers.

  9. Safety

    We work diligently to provide a safe environment while maintaining your home. All work performed will conform to local municipal building codes and regulations, and meet National Safety Guidelines.

  10. Courtesy

    We believe everyone, in all instances, deserves to be treated with courtesy and respect.