What Would You rather Be Doing This Weekend?

Paint the Woodwork,
Paint the Town.

Fix a Drip,
Get a Natural Fix.

Clean Up Leaves,
Leave Cleanup Behind

Introducing HOMEfree®

Residential Property Maintenance Specialists

Imagine if you had your own personal property manager to rely on for every detail of your home’s care and upkeep. Imagine seamless services from prequalified tradespeople. Imagine a trusted go-to maintenance specialist just a phone call away. Imagine yourself…

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Make Time for the Things That Matter

Your free time is limited. Why not spend it with family and friends… in the places that feed your soul… doing the activities and volunteering you love. What could you do if you had more time for the things that really matter?

How It Works

Complete Managed Services to Care for Your Home

Seasonal Inspections, Cleaning & Preparation


Electrical & Mechanical


Foundation & Exterior Care

Painting, Staining & Refinishing

Soffit & Fascia Care

Data Cabling & Security

and more Services

How It Works


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1. Meet with Our Specialist

We first consult with you to understand the unique needs of your home, family lifestyle and service requirements.


2. Get Your Baseline Home Inspection

Then we conduct a baseline of your home and property’s current condition, evaluated by an independent home inspector.

3. Receive Your Personalized HOMEfree® Care Plan

Working with you, we create a yearly care and maintenance plan: laying out priorities, courses of action, timing, activities and budgets.

4. Enjoy Scheduled, Managed, Budgeted Service

Your HOMEfree® Specialist schedules and oversees all authorized services on your behalf. It’s that easy!

With Your Home, Trust Is Everything

“I have peace of mind knowing things are taken care of.”

“HOMEfree® creates a no-worry zone.”

“Saves not only time, but a significant amount of money.”