How We Work

There’s a real difference between HOMEfree®’s approach to professional home care vs. traditional handymen and home repair services.

Our Process Makes Us Different

What makes the HOMEfree® approach so unique? We’ve taken best-in-class planning and project management disciplines from the business world and applied them to caring for your home.

This professional process puts you in control of decisions, yet frees you from personally being responsible for endless maintenance.

You’ll be able to plan and budget for both immediate home needs and long-term upkeep. Plus, you have your own expert maintenance manager accountable for all activities, timing, costs and workmanship.

Complete Home Maintenance Has Never Been Easier

Our HOMEfree® Specialists translate your expectations into results using our unique 4-Point Process. Before we begin any work, we’ll identify what home care items need to be done, when, why, by whom and at what cost!

Then, we’ll manage the work on your behalf. It’s that simple.

1. Meet with a Specialist
We first consult with you to understand the unique needs of your home, family lifestyle and service requirements.

2. Get Your Baseline Certified Home Inspection
Then we conduct a home inspection of your property’s current condition, evaluated by an independent home inspector.

3. Receive Your Personalized HOMEfree® Care Maintenance Plan
Working with you, we create a customized care and maintenance plan: laying out priorities, courses of action, timing, activities and budgets. Planning is done both on a yearly and a long-range basis.

4. Enjoy Scheduled, Managed, Budgeted Service
Your HOMEfree® Specialist schedules and oversees all authorized services on your behalf. No more juggling schedules or finding and managing maintenance or specialized tradespeople.

Simplified Billing, Budgets and Recordkeeping

HOMEfree® billing is straightforward and easy to understand: there are no surprises, one simple invoice, and detailed documentation and recordkeeping.

  • HOMEfree® work is billed at an hourly rate similar to
    other professional services.
  • Outside materials and work performed by tradespeople
    are organized into one invoice and charged to you
    through HOMEfree®.
  • This simple progress billing covers both HOMEfree®
    time and outside trade services and materials.
  • You receive budget and activity reports synced with
    your personal maintenance care plan.


24/7 Emergency Support

HOMEfree® Specialists are on call 24/7 to help with home maintenance emergencies and get repairmen to your door fast. We’re on the job, even when you’re traveling, tied up at the office or on vacation.