Our Story

“As a busy executive, I was constantly frustrated by trying to find the time and the qualified people to maintain my home.

Twenty-some years ago, I left the corporate world to create a new kind of home care company. I blended best business practices in project management and customer care, with my own experience as a homeowner. The HOMEfree® business was born.

I began to act as a personal maintenance manager for busy friends and colleagues. Word spread. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, HOMEfree® continues to grow, fulfilling our purpose to help people protect and care for their most valuable asset. If you are feeling overwhelmed by maintenance demands, I know how you feel. I’m confident we can help. Let’s have a conversation.”

Steve Shepard,
Owner and President

Our Ethics and Values

Every day, our customers trust us with their most valuable and personal asset…their home. See how our Ethics and Values make it possible to live up to that trust.

Our Best-in-Class Providers

One of the things that sets HOMEfree® apart is the caliber of our professional tradespeople and service providers. Learn more.

Is HOMEfree® a Good Fit for You?

HOMEfree® may be a great fit for your needs and lifestyle, if:

  • There are not enough hours in the day to keep up with home maintenance demands.


  • Your free time is extremely limited, and you are frustrated when home upkeep takes away from other pursuits.
  • You‘d like more time to devote to family, friends, travel, hobbies, volunteering and other obligations.
  • Your home is aging and requires more repairs.
  • You have high standards and are bothered when home maintenance items are put off due to lack of time.
  • You are a senior who wants to remain in your home but upkeep is more than you can handle.
  • You simply don’t have the background, skills or interest in home maintenance and repair.
  • You are single or a single parent and would like a trusted go-to to help keep up with repairs and home maintenance.
  • You own a historic home and are concerned about period- correct maintenance and restorative care.
  • You’ve experienced frustration with the reliability and quality of service providers (tradespeople).
  • You maintain another home or vacation property and would like more time to enjoy it.
  • You’d prefer to deal with one person for everything related to maintaining your home.