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What IS HOMEfree®?

HOMEfree® is a residential property maintenance management firm specializing in the care and upkeep of executive and historic homes. Acting as your personal property manager, we help you identify, plan and prioritize your home's maintenance needs. Then, we supervise a pool of prequalified service providers (tradespeople) who perform work on your behalf.

We cover all aspects of your home’s changing needs, from seasonal chores to replacement of roofs or furnaces, to restorative care and remodeling.

So you'll have more time to enjoy what matters most.

Six Important Things HOMEfree®
Can Do for You:

1  Manage your home at the lowest possible "client-directed" expense point
2  Translate your expectations into service that meets your high standards and timelines
3  Create and manage annual project and maintenance plans with identified priorities, budgets and a calendar of events
4  Reduce the potential for surprises and catastrophic maintenance events within your home
5  Guarantee value in all aspects of the relationship: quality, service, knowledge, performance and expertise
6  Create more free time for leisure, family activities, friends, volunteering or favorite pastimes

Fast Facts
HOMEfree® is a professional home maintenance management firm that provides full-service maintenance services from one source, managed through a single contact point
The value of properties managed by HOMEfree® ranges to more than $1 million-plus in value
HOMEfree® is retained by clients ranging from busy executives to retirees to single working parents
HOMEfree Specialists™ are degreed professionals who have proven track records in the professional and commercial sectors
HOMEfree® maintains a pool of more than 250 prequalified skilled tradespeople and service providers
Key executives include CEO Stephen C. Shepard and President and Manager of Chicago Operations, Dennis DeCock

How Does HOMEfree® Compare to the Competition?

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