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  Finally! One Source to Manage All Your Home Maintenance
You've found HOMEfree® — The professional maintenance management firm specializing in the care of distinctive homes. We'll handle everything from simple fixes … to seasonal maintenance ... to complex renovation projects. So you can spend more time on what matters most. Carefree. Hassle-free. HOMEfree®. — What Could You Do With All the Extra Free Time?

  How HOMEfree® Works
HOMEfree®’s unique process puts you in control of decisions, yet frees you from endless maintenance demands. Our HOMEfree Specialists™ translate your expectations into results that reflect your high standards.

Here’s how it works:
A HOMEfree Specialist™ meets with you to discuss your home’s needs
An independent home inspection is conducted, providing a baseline of your home’s condition
HOMEfree® prepares a detailed annual plan that helps you assess, prioritize and budget home maintenance activities
Your HOMEfree Specialist™ schedules and oversees all authorized services on your behalf, keeping you informed of progress
Your HOMEfree Specialist™ is available 24/7 for any unexpected maintenance needs.

What We Offer
HOMEfree®’s comprehensive service manages the inspection, repair, replacement and year-round maintenance of all your home’s touchpoints:
Seasonal inspections, cleaning and preparation (gutters, windows, sump pumps, etc.)
Plumbing and electrical
Heating and air conditioning
Roofing, soffits and fascia
Masonry, foundation and exterior
Painting, staining, refinishing and refurbishing
Management of historical preservation, restorative care, remodeling, renovation and expansion activities, more...
Experience the confidence of:
Premier Home Appearance, Safety and Market Value at the Lowest Expense Point
24/7 Emergency Maintenance Support
Prequalified “Best of Class” Service Providers (Tradespeople)
Bonded Service and Guaranteed Workmanship
Member Discounts and Savings
Expertise With the Challenges of Maintaining Historic and Executive Homes
Annual and Long-Range Home Maintenance Planning Assistance to Manage Expenses

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