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A Planned, Professional Process That Keeps You in Control

HOMEfree®’s one-stop, problem-solving process covers all aspects of your home’s changing maintenance needs, from seasonal chores; to replacement of structural and mechanical systems; to refurbishment and restorative care.

Using proven project management techniques, a HOMEfree Specialist™ will help you evaluate your home’s maintenance needs and make informed decisions. We'll help define and translate your vision and expectations. Then we'll manage the projects for you. This process follows four basic phases:

Phase I Complete a baseline home inspection of your home’s condition
Phase II Plan, prioritize, budget and schedule projects and maintenance services
Phase III Implement planned project and maintenance services
Phase IV Develop an analysis of residence expenses over a 10-, 20- or 30-year period

  HOMEfree® Services — Managed by Professional Residential Specialists
HOMEfree Specialists™ take full responsibility for all aspects of your home's maintenance. Specialists manage all contracted service providers, communicate needs and timing, and supervise work on-site.

Your HOMEfree Specialist™ becomes intimately familiar with your home and individual expectations, and acts as your single, trusted property maintenance manager. HOMEfree Specialists™ are committed to delivering projects on time and on budget, while keeping you fully informed of all work being performed.

Here’s what you can expect:
1 First, a HOME free Specialist™ meets with you to review the process and to ensure all your questions have been answered.
2 Next, a Service Agreement is reviewed and signed by you and your HOMEfree Specialist™.
3 A home inspection is scheduled and conducted by a certified, independent home inspector. Your HOME free Specialist™ reviews the inspection process with you before the scheduled date to begin building a home history.
4 The home inspection company provides a report copy to both you and your HOMEfree Specialist™.
5 Your HOMEfree Specialist™ develops a detailed action plan of recommendations and costs for your review. This is where maintenance and repair services are planned, prioritized, budgeted and scheduled.
6 A long-range maintenance and repair plan is developed for your planning. Home expenses are captured in spreadsheet form for budgeting purposes.
7 A calendar of activities highlighting quarterly and annual services is provided.
8 HOMEfree® works closely with you to schedule and provide planned services.
9 You authorize final estimates and approve all work prior to execution, as well as select and approve all materials that affect the appearance or decor of your home.
10 Your HOMEfree Specialist™ stays in close communication to manage schedules, answer questions and monitor your satisfaction.

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